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PRUTHVI LABORATORY RASAYANA is a well-known suppliers of laboratory chemicals and equipments in Mysore. From past 30 years we are supplying laboratory chemicals and equipments to various industries, research laboratories, hospitals and education institutes. We supply our products on time with quality, and best price. We are capable of supplying laboratory chemicals, laboratory glass wares, polyethylene wares and laboratory instruments and equipments as per customer requirement. We are also dealers for the following well-known companies who distribute their laboratory chemicals, equipments and other products through us.

Also we are Distributor for INFUSIL Water Distillation Sets

Authorized Distributors for:

  • Merck
  • Thomas Baker
  • Titan Biotech
  • Infusil
  • Reachem
  • Laboratory Chemicals:

  • Quligens
  • SD fine chem
  • Himedia
  • Rankem
  • SRL
  • NICE
  • CDH
  • Laboratory Instruments and Equipments.

  • HECO,
  • REMI
  • Titan Biotech
  • KEMI
  • INFUSIL Water Distillation Sets